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Back in Town

Jun 16, 2021

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Get ready to be transported to the South Philly Italian neighborhood where Broadway actor Michael Iannucci spent his childhood. Michael is my friend, mentor, and a true star of the theatre scene (BROADWAY: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, NATIONAL TOURS: FIDDLER, ANNIE). We talk about his grandmother’s cooking, how his strict Catholic upbringing impacted his self-discovery, and his (hilarious) wisdom on what NOT to do in the audition room.


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Moira O’Sullivan is an actor and director based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram (@itsmissmoira) and check out her work on


This podcast was produced by Moira O’Sullivan and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan (@klokwize), with cover art by Charlotte T. Martin (@charlottethewriter)



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