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Back in Town

Feb 10, 2021

CAIMITO ALTO, PUERTO RICO – In this episode, Moira is transported to the lush mountains of Puerto Rico with actor/writer Sol Crespo (SUCCESSION, NEW AMSTERDAM, MONSTERLAND, Steven Soderbergh’s UNSANE). They talk about running around barefoot as a child, becoming a rebel in high school, and how for Sol, every day is a Puerto Rican Day Parade, no matter what project she’s working on. Get ready to throw on an old-school salsa album when you’re done listening to this episode!


Check out Sol on Instagram (@solshine787) and People’s Mic Check (@peoples_mic_check).


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Moira O’Sullivan is an actor and director based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram (@itsmissmoira) and check out her work on


This podcast was produced by Moira O’Sullivan and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan (@klokwize), with cover art by Charlotte T. Martin (@charlottethewriter).


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