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Back in Town

May 5, 2021

ST. LOUIS, MO – We’re heading to the Midwest with comedian Eric Williams (THAT’S A GAY ASS PODCAST). We talk about the Muny theatre’s insanely grand musicals, Austin Powers being his bar mitzvah theme, and how his experience being gay in St. Louis led him to making comedy that helps people feel seen. Get ready to laugh, cry, think, and laugh again.



Check out Eric on Instagram (@ericwillz) and his podcast @gayasspodcast


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Moira O’Sullivan is an actor and director based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram (@itsmissmoira) and check out her work on


This podcast was produced by Moira O’Sullivan and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan (@klokwize), with cover art by Charlotte T. Martin (@charlottethewriter)



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